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Bowie Bonds

Bowie Bonds are bonds that are backed by future earnings from songs of musicians. They got their name 'Bowie Bonds' because David Bowie was the first musician to have such bonds issued. In 1997, investment bankers raised $55 million in ten year bonds backed by the future royalties of his copyrighted songs. The bonds were not available to the public since Prudential Insurance bought the entire issue. Bowie used the funds for other investments.

Several other entertainers and musicians who have taken advantage of Bowie Bonds include: Rod Stewart 1998 Dusty Springfield 1998 Ashford & Simpson 1999 James Brown 1999 Isley Brothers 1999 Iron Maiden 1999 Marvin Gaye 2000

There is a novel out which uses Bowie Bonds as its major theme. It is written by Linda Davies, an outstanding financial mystery writer, and her book is called Something Wild. It is about a young, female, British investment banker who meets an American rock star who is interested in raising money. More information on Bowie Bonds can be found at stockerblog.blogspot.com

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